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WS Architect - Traditional and timeless architecture with latest technologiesPrint this page4 stars (click to read the reviews)


WS Architect using local material and craftsmen

WS Architect is famous for its blend of traditional, timeless architecture with the high lest structure specifications and the latest technologies. The result is a private estate which offers beauty and serenity, with all the conveniences of modern day living.


Phone: +623618859924E-mail: Contact us by e-mailWeb: Visit our Website
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/ws_architect
Location: Abiansemal / Badung (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Indonesian
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EN Irfan from guprUCvWhymcYh rated 4 stars
Hi there My name is Joanne Eaton. I am comnig to Bali this Tuesday 18th May for 2 weeks. I am comnig with my mum Nana Alison\' and tiga Anak-anak Billy 14; Jac 10; & Molly 8; We are hoping to visit the orphanage on either Sunday 23rd May or Monday 24th May. Can you tell me what would be the best day and time? We posted a comment for Angel on Facebook before & my daughter would like to meet her if she is there. We have many clothes & shoes that we would like to give you some are new & near new- would you like these?? We also have bought some pencils and writing books.We look forward to comnig to see you. I am trained in early childhood and also coach Australian dance called Calisthenics\' ..I love children and so much want to share some time with you all and have my children meet some of those at the orphanage.Hope we are welcome to come and visit you.
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