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Selamat datang di Tjap Lombok,


Indonesia dan makanan adalah kombinasi yang sangat tepat,segala jenis makan yang lezat bisa di jumpai di mana tjap lombok krupuk kentang teri tempesaja di seluruh pelosok negeri.disini kami memperkenalkan resep tradisional  warisan orang terdahulu kami Tjap Lombok menawarkan beberapa produk seperti

-    Kripik kentang pedas manis
-    Ikan asin pedas manis dan juga
-    Sambel goreng tempe/kacang  pedas manis

Kami bungkus dengan kemasan plastic dan juga bisa masuk di dalam toples,sehingga kemasan terlihat bagus dan berkwalitas.kami mensuplay ke supermarket dan toko serta pusat oleh oleh di Bali.kami juga bisa melayani pesanan dari luar bali,dan siap mengirim ke tempat tujuan .kami tunggu response dari anda sekalian, dan selamat mencoba produk dari kami.

Dan selamat minikmati.

(P-IRT NO : 2155103010027-18)

tjap lombok krupuk kentang teri tempe 

Welcome to the webpage of Tjap Lombok,


Indonesian and eating is a normal combination. Especially delicious food can be found all over the country. However, some old traditional food is vanishing. Tjap Lombok tries to maintain these old recipes. For this reason we can offer directly a small range of articles.

-    Hot and sweet potatoes chips
-    Hot and sweet salty fish
-    Hot and sweet tempe

tjap lombok krupuk kentang teri tempeThese are just a few of the articles we can deliver. Delicious products which can be used as a small snack or as an addition to your diner. All products has been made from local ingredients without the adding of  any preservatives.

Our standard package is a small plastic bag or a larger more luxurious plastic packages. On demand we can supply larger packaging for caterers or restaurants. Although we are located in Jimbaran/Bali, we still can supply you with our products in other parts of Indonesia. If we have to deliver your order in other parts of Indonesia, we only pack your order per dozen. Of course, you are free to mix your order to your own wishes.
We hope that you will enjoy our products.

Selamat minikmati.

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Phone: +628155716116E-mail: Contact us by e-mail
Phone 2: +6287861318796
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/tjaplombok
Location: Jalan Nuansa Utama VII / 24, Taman Griya, Kori Nuansa, 80361 Jimbaran / Badung (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Indonesian, Dutch, German
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NL Hetty from Nederland rated 5 stars
Ik kan het iedereen van harte aanbevelen. Alle smaken zijn heerlijk !!! Hopelijk zijn ze binnenkort in elke supermarkt / toko op Bali verkrijgbaar.
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