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Mobile Apps & Photography For Luxury Lifestyles

Rick Carmichael is a professional photographer, shooting
large-format film and digital images for over 30 years. In 2007,
after working for Apple Computer in California for about 10 years,
Rick decided to move to Bali to form a visual media agency called


In addition professional photography, LuxViz also provides ground
and aerial 360° panoramas, mobile-optimized websites, and custom iOS
and Android mobile apps that are used to promote indulgent luxury

In the last 8 years, Rick and his wife, Wanda have shot and
professionally edited around 150,000 photos. Their client list
numbers around 150 of the largest real estate companies, property
management companies and individual owners of some of Bali and
Lombok’s most exclusive villa and hotel properties.


Phone: +6287861033533E-mail: Contact us by e-mailWeb: Visit our Website
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/luxviz
Location: Jl. Raya Canggu 155, 80361 Canggu / Badung (Bali)   Map
We speak: English
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