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Welcome to Role Foundation

Role Foundation is a 100% non-profit Indonesian Foundation (yayasan).  Since establishment in 2007 Rivers, Oceans, Lands and Ecology (ROLE) Foundation has taught Women’s Skills Education, Sustainability Education and Managed Eco-Assistance Projects in Bali, Indonesia to alleviate poverty and create a sustainable future for all. Role Foundation is committed to advancing progress on the United Nations (UN) Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) #3: Promote Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women; and #7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Our Women’s Skills and Educational Programs provide free education, skills training and job-placement to more than 200 women per year help them escape the poverty cycle.

Role’s Sustainability Education and Social Business Programs train students in Sustainable Agriculture, Community Education, Town Planning, Eco-tourism and Eco-friendly product development.  Our Sustainability Education Programs also educate 2000 primary school students each year about the interrelatedness of environmental and health issues and sustainable solutions.  Our Environmental Assistance projects work directly with local communities to revitalize coastal and rural environments and create eco-friendly jobs for some of Bali’s poorest.


Why We Do It

Despite the high levels of regional and international investment in Bali’s tourism sec­tor many people are not beneficiaries of rapid development, whilst at the same time they are impacted by loss of arable land, environmental degradation and development driven inflation on the prices of everyday basic commodities. In addition, development linked overfishing has reduced traditional job opportunities in this sector for coastal commu­nities.  Labor-related immigration into Bali has increased competition in the employment market and this par­ticularly impacts the poor and unskilled from traditional agricultural and coastal economies.  Illiterate and un­skilled people have limited work opportunities and are increasingly unemployed, under­employed and underpaid.

Women are particularly vulnerable to these pressures:

In poor families, girls face a gender bias with respect to education with only 2 girls for every 8 boys going to primary school. Approximately 208,000 women are illiterate in Bali. Salaries of unskilled women are usually 50% – 70% less than the Offi­cial Bali Area minimum salary. The percentage of female managers is ex­tremely low in Bali. This is because of strong cultural views and prejudices of the role of women in the work place.
Most women have no rights to any of their fathers’ family assets and go to their husbands’ family upon marriage. If they are married into a poor or corrupt family they may find themselves working for nothing.
If men remarry, their first wives are  often abandoned with nothing upon divorce. If their father’s family does not take them back, they have no means to provide for themselves.

How ROLE is helping:

ROLE seeks to help these unskilled disadvantaged women by providing accessible basic education and vocational training. ROLE works to increase the employment opportunities available to women from poor communities by providing ac­cessible education, vocational training,and  job placement  as well as assistance in starting up eco-friendly micro businesses. In addition ROLE Foundation seeks to revitalize coastal environments and through  sustainability education and environmental assistance projects.

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