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Bali Tribal is a family business located in the heart of Bali Island, close to Ubud. We are well known as Silver Shell Co. in Bali since 1998, and we have adding another hit buttons to the simple silver designs to more complex tribal artworks from Indonesia.
 We live in a rural community set amongst open countryside and we are always feel attracted to things that are natural and sustainable rather than man-made and polluting. Amongst us, talented local women and men have been creating such beautiful artworks.
 That is certainly one reason why where possible the range on offer is made from natural materials. For example, we were very pleased to come across the great bags made from jute, a material which is not only highly durable, natural and sustainable but biodegradable too.
What we offer is handmade because we like the idea that individuals matter; although many of us like to wear jewellery and use fashion accessories, we don’t always want to buy mass produced things made by large faceless companies. At Bali Tribal we prefer things that have been made by individuals who benefit by being paid fairly for what they produce.
 If business, however small, can encourage this then that can only be a good thing.
Ethical and Fair Trade
Everything we offer is sourced from developing country where we live in including; Sumatera, Borneo and Papua, from ethical and fair trade suppliers.
 All of our suppliers operate using ethical standards concerning working conditions, pay and child labour.
Business Ethic
At Bali Tribal our main priority is to provide good quality products at a good price together with excellent customer service.
 However, we are also concerned with sustainability, minimising environmental impact, giving something back in the form of donating part of our profit to charity and encouraging ethical and fair trade.
Thank you for taking the time visiting Bali Tribal, and thank you for being such loveable friends to us. Only because of you the company can go further deep into specific jewellery-arts and fashionable-style and have been publishing everywhere around the world.
We hope you like the site and would welcome any feedback you may have.
We update the site continually so if it says something is in stock - it really is.
 We change the items on offer regularly so please keep checking our site for new arrivals, or better still sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date.
 Would you interesting in our product collections, please dont hasitate to hit us on messenger or send us email or visit our shop in Toko Silver Shell at Double Six Road #16K, Seminyak Bali 80361. We will be pleased to serve you in our humble lovely store.
Phone: +62361738950E-mail: Contact us by e-mailWeb: Visit our Website
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/balitribal
Location: Jalan Arjuna 16, 80361 Seminyak / Badung (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Indonesian
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Statistics: 10953 views for this business (83% in lists, 17% in detail page)

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