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The Indonesia Australia Language Foundation IALF is a language training organisation established in 1989 under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of Indonesia and Australia.

The Vision
To be the leading provider of language training and consultancy services in Indonesia and the Asia - Pacific Region.

The Mission
To contribute to economic, social and cultural development in Indonesia and the region, and to mutual respect and understanding between the people of Indonesia and neighbouring countries.

IALF will achieve this by providing high quality programs and services, based on the highest professional standards and top quality curricula and resources.


General English Language Services (GELS)
IALF Bali has a strong reputation for its General English program for Adults, with 14 levels from Beginner to Advanced. Classes are offered with native speaker or Indonesian teachers or a combination of both.

Courses are offered in terms and a selection of classes of Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Class hours provided are Afternoon class: 16.30 – 18.30 or Evening Class: 19.00 – 21.00

2014 Term Dates
Term     Registration             Course Dates
II           5 – 15 March            17 March – 14 May
III         16 – 26 May              26 May – 22 July
IV         29 July – 9 August    11 August – 3 October
V          1 – 15 October          16 October – 10 December

For further information on registration and rates please email gels@ialf.edu or call +62361225243

Specialised English Language Training Courses (SELS)
SELS is a customized English Language Training course for individuals, organisations and corporations that are in need of a more specific requirement offered in-house & on-site. The IALF can cater, design and deliver training courses customised for a wide range of clients, in fields such as:

-    Business (Communication, Writing, Correspondence and Presentation)
-    Banking & Finance
-    Science & Technology
-    Health and Medicine
-    Education
-    Hospitality
-    Manufacturing
-    Natural Resources

The IALF also designs & delivers customised professional adult education courses, in fields such as:
-    Methodology for Adult Education
-    Inter-Cultural Communication & Education
-    School-Based Management
-    ICT in Education

For further information about the SELS at IALF visit  http://www.ialf.edu/businessenglish.html or email gels@ialf.edu


The IALF has established an international reputation for its Bahasa Indonesia programs and offers a range of courses for the general public. IALF Bali provides intensive and semi-intensive classes and one-to-one courses for individual students.

General Indonesian (GI)
The IALF GI program is suitable for expatriates living in Bali who need to improve their Indonesian but cannot devote time to an intensive study program. Courses are offered at a range of levels, each over a period of 4 weeks with two hours study per day (Monday - Friday). The course syllabuses each provide 40 hours of language studies and are based on a series of themes and tasks designed to enable participants to use the language in real-life communication.

-    Beginner
-    Elementary
-    Pre-Intermediate
-    Intermediate
-    Upper Intermediate
-    Advanced

2014 Course Dates

Term I
27 Jan - 24 Feb
5 March - 2 April

Term II
2 - 27 June

Term III
4 - 29 August
1 - 26 September

Term IV
20 October  - 14 November
17 November - 12 December

Class Time
Morning:    10.30 - 12.30, Monday - Friday
Evening:    18.30 - 20.30. Monday - Friday

Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali (SBIB)
The Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali program is conducted at the IALF Bali 4 times per year. The course combines 40 hours of Indonesian language training with 20 hours of cultural studies introducing Indonesian culture. Optional homestay accommodation is also available for those wishing to engage themselves in the everyday social like of the Indonesians

2014 Course Dates
-    6 - 7 January
-    14 - 25 April
-    30 June - 11 July
-    1 - 10 October*

*Only 8 days (32 hours) due to ASILE Conference; fee AUD 550 for language component

2015 Course Dates
-    5 - 16 January

SBIB Package Fee: AUD$1,610
Includes: registration, language tuition, cultural studies component, airport transfer, homestay

Individual Fees
Indonesian Language    AUD$ 680
Cultural Studies             AUD$ 380
Homestay                      AUD$ 550

**Possible to choose Indonesian Language Only

Other Indonesian Language Services

Group Study Programs
The IALF's Group Study Tour program offers customised courses designed and conducted for a particular group, combining Indonesian language training and cultural studies introducing Indonesian, and particularly Balinese, culture. It is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the group and offers interesting and varied range of cultural activities and excursions to choose from. Homestay accommodation option is also available.

Individualised Training (One to One)
The Indonesian intensive one-to-one programs provide highly specialised and individualised language training. Dates, times and venues are negotiable. IALF can assist with arranging accommodation with a host family or in a hotel.

Indonesian for Specific Purposes
IALF has expertise in designing customized language training courses for the corporate sector. We have designed training programs for expatriate managers and professionals and for visiting business people in a range of commercial, social and industrial sectors.

Translating and Interpreting Services
ILS at IALF also offers translation services for a range of documents, including certificates, proposals, training materials, reports and transcripts. Interpreting services for various purposes including meetings, seminars, conferences and legal proceedings are also available at IALF.

For further information and rate inquiries please mail ils@ialf.edu

The IALF has been involved in language assessment for over 20 years and is accredited by IELTS Australia to conduct the IELTS test up to three times a month in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali and at other off-site test venues across Indonesia.

IELTS - International English Language Testing System
-    The IELTS Test is an internationally - recognised assessment of ability to communicate effectively in English. The test has 4 components, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is frequently taken by candidates wishing to study or work where English is used as the language of communication.

-    IELTS is accepted by more than 6,000 institutions in 135 countries, including the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands and Canada.

-    Every year, more than 2 million IELTS tests are taken globally by aspiring students and migrants. IELTS is now the most popular high-stakes English language test in the world.

IELTS Services at IALF
The IALF Bali branch specialises in various activities which prepare students for study overseas and offers IELTS Preparation courses of various lengths. These courses aim to familiarize students with the components of the test and to provide practice in language skills and test-taking strategies. Programs offered in Bali include:

An orientation and simulation of the IELTS test, participants are introduced to the test tasks and are given the opportunity to experience & practice before hand. The IALF Bali conducts the IELTS AT IALF Try Out monthly, to register please send email to ieltstryout@ialf.edu  and submit Full name, Address, Name of Institution or Organisation and mobile number. The IELTS AT IALF TRY OUT can also be conducted at other institutions based on request.

The IELTS KK is an IELTS Intensive Preparation Course which runs for 2 weeks (20 hours), 2 hours per day, Monday to Friday with Native Speaker teachers. The IELTS KK focuses on strategies and tips in preparation for the IELTS test. Participants who wish to enroll need to have a minimum English of Pre-Intermediate Level 2 on the IALF Scale, or a bandwidth of 5.0 on the IELTS Scale. For information on course dates, fees and registration procedure, email lsuwangi@ialf.edu

The IALF Centre in Bali conducts IELTS Tests twice a month on Saturdays, with an availability of an Academic and General Training Module according to each testing date. The test is US$ 195, payable at IALF. For registration procedure, seat bookings and test dates, please contact the Testing Program Officer Ms. Sariani Dewi at  sdewi@ialf.edu

-    Teaching IELTS at IALF
The IALF Centre in Bali also conducts annual Teaching IELTS courses, specifically catered for Teachers or candidates who teach IELTS preparation courses or are planning to do so in the future. The course runs for one week, Monday to Friday 09.00 - 16.30. For further information and registration contact wsumiasih@ialf.edu

-    Testing Materials
IELTS Candidates can also purchase IELTS preparation materials as follows:
o    Top Tips for IELTS Academic                                                   IDR 250.000
o    IELTS Preparation & Practice Listening and Speaking            IDR 400.000
o    IELTS Preparation & Practice Reading and Writing                 IDR 400.000
o    IELTS on Track                                                                         IDR 625.000


IALF Bali offers a range of teacher training programs to meet the varying professional development needs of both practicing teachers and trainee teachers, from Indonesia and from overseas.

Trinity College Cert-TESOL
IALF Bali is an approved centre for the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), an internationally-recognised professional teaching qualification, accepted by employers all over the world. The 4-week course is conducted 3 times a year. See www.tesolbali.com for further information.

Teacher Training Workshops
The IALF Bali offers a series of Teacher Training Workshops that are conducted at the IALF Bali centre, or at other institutions, schools or colleges upon request. An option of native speaker and/or Indonesian teachers is available as its main facilitators of each workshop. Each workshop requires a minimum of 20 participants to run.

A range of topics can be designed and/or included according to client requests and needs. For further information please contact Ibu Wayan Sumiasih, Program Officer at wsumiasih@ialf.edu.

IALF C-CELT - IALF Certificate in Communicative English Language Teaching
The C-CELT is a modular program (each module one week or 30 hours duration) with a focus on practical methods, techniques and strategies. The modules combine classroom input, guided observations of experienced teachers, and the opportunity to plan and deliver short English language lessons.

The Certificate in Resource Management is a 150 hour couse, divided into a series of 6 individual training modules, each of 5 days duration. It has been designed to combine classroom input with the opportunity to work on individual and group tasks as well as practical experience within the IALF Resource Centre

Cambridge English TKT
IALF Bali offers a 1 week (30 hours) teacher training course for teachers and trainees preparing for the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test. The TKT aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

Cambridge English ICELT – In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching
IALF Bali is an accredited centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL ICELT. This qualification helps teachers deepen their knowledge and develop their ability to reflect on and improve their teaching. It is available for groups up to 20 trainees.

IALF C-CLIL – IALF Certificate in Content & Language Integrated Learning
The C-CLIL has been designed to meet the needs of school teachers and university lecturers who have to teach content-based materials (eg. math, science, business studies) in English. It is 150-hour modular program (5 modules, each of 30 hours duration).


IALF Bali partners with IDP Education Pty Limited as an independent educational organisation aimed at providing various services and consultations for students who wish to study overseas.

IDP also provides and organizes an annual Study Tour to Australia for junior and senior high school and college students. The Australia Study Tour includes a week of full time language training, and week of cultural, educational and entertaining activities for all participants.

The IDP Office is located within the IALF Bali centre at Jl. Raya Sesetan, Denpasar. The agency offers counseling, placement, visa services and other requirements for students planning to study overseas. For further information please contact info.bali@idp.com   | www.idp.com


IALF Bali is the eastern branch of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation, one of the leading language training organisations in Southeast Asia. The centre is located in Bali's capital city of Denpasar and places a strong emphasis on maintaining and developing its range of sophisticated language training and support facilities.

Facilities include:

-    Computer Labs for self-study and classroom use
-    Multi-media workstations for self-study
-    Free broadband email and internet access for full-time students
-    CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
-    Proquest online periodical service
-    Digital Language Laboratory
-    Sound recording studio
-    Video recording equipment

-    ELT-specific publications
-    General and Reference collections
-    Wide range of current periodicals
-    Leisure Reading section
-    Group Discussion Rooms

22 air-conditioned classrooms with LCD projectors, audio and video streaming

-    Capacity of 200 people
-    For special events, ceremonies, seminars, discussion panels & conferences

Public Area
-    Garden Wing Canteen (indoor and outdoor seating), providing a variety of Indonesian cuisine, fresh juices and snacks

IALF Bali employs a range of internationally qualified Native Speaker and local Indonesian Teachers. Local teachers have been accredited and are acknowledged internationally with teacher exchange experience.

Support Services
The IALF support staff is always welcome to help clients and customers in arranging:
-    Hotel or homestay accommodation
-    Transportation
-    Airport transfers

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