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Lingo Language Course (LLC) - Study & Speak Bahasa IndonesiaPrint this page5 stars (click to read the reviews)

Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Bali - Indonesian language teacher in Bali

Lingo Language Course (LLC) - Let's speak Indonesian and English

Study & Speak Bahasa Indonesia and English with a native teacher in Bali.

Direct to your home, office or school.
For private or group lessons - All levels.
Learn Bahasa - Learn Indonesian - Speak Indonesian. 

The Registration is now open, you can register anytime.
Please contact me via e-mail or phone and make an inquiry today.



And here is your first basic lesson Bahasa:


Good morning                                 Selamat Pagi
Good mid-day                                 Selamat siang
Good evening                                 Selamat malam
Good-bye                                        Selamat tinggal (if you're leaving)
                                                       Selamat jalan (to someone who is leaving you)
Thank you.                                     Terima kasih
You're welcome.                             Kembali or sama-sama
How are you?                                 Apa kabar?
Excuse me.                                    Permisi or maaf


Do you speak English?                  Bisa bicara Bahasa Inggris?
I don't speak Indonesian.               Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.
I don't understand.                         Saya tidak mengerti.

Requesting basic assistance:

Can you help me?                         Bisa bantu saya?
Where is the bathroom?                Di mana kamar kecil?
Where is...                                     Di mana . . .
How much is this?                         Berapa harganya ini?
I want this.                                     Saya mau ini.
I want to eat.                                 Saya mau makan.

Getting home:

My address is...                            Alamat saya...
Please take me to...                     Tolong, antar saya ke ...

Phone: +6282146850175E-mail: Contact us by e-mail
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/learn.speak.indonesian
Location: Denpasar / Denpasar City (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Russian
1 User ratings
NL Rob from The Netherlands rated 5 stars
Ms. Asima has been teaching Indonesian to me for a while now. My experience is that she is a very competent and ambitious teacher who is able to adapt her teaching method- and speed to the learning ability and motivation of every student. Even though personally I\'d like some more attention to vocabulary, overall I am very satisfied with the way she teaches me. She always adapts a flexible approach when it comes to lesson times and teaching location, which is ideal for people who have a busy daily schedule, and are not easily able to spend time travelling to her classroom, but still are eager to learn the Indonesian language. I highly recommend her to anyone in Bali who is interested in learning the language, whether you are a beginner, or already an intermediate speaker.
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