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Our pricing model is very simple: currently we offer you two kinds of listings.
No matter which type of listing you choose, you only pay one time and your listing
will stay permanently!

You can find our pricelist for download here (PDF).

 Standard Listing (500.000 Rp)

  • Your own business contact details mentioned on the listing
  • Small description of your business. Maximum 250 characters (not words!)
  • One logo or picture
  • Your business shown on Google Maps
  • World wide promotion of our website www.balipages.biz
The price of this listing is only one time 500.000 rupiah

 Premium Listing (1 million Rp)

  • Your own business contact details mentioned on the listing
  • Large full page description of your business
  • One logo file and up to 6 more large pictures
  • Your business shown on Google Maps
  • Your own permanent short URL, you can print this link on your business card
  • QR-code (a barcode which smartphone owners can scan and read e.g. a special promotion)
  • Guestbook in which your clients can write a recommendation
  • Premium listings are always listed above the Standard listings
  • World wide promotion of our website www.balipages.biz
The price for this list is only one time 1 million rupiah.

With balipages you only have to pay one time for your listing.
The listing will stay permanently on our website,
no further payments are necessary.

We offer Additional Services

Additional Promotion on the Homepage

A large photo of your choice will be presented on our homepage slideshow. So your
business can be the first impression that visitors see on balipages!
The price is
1 Month for 200.000 Rupiah
3 Months for 575.000 Rupiah
6 Months for 1.100.000 Rupiah
12 Months for 2.000.000 Rupiah

Video Creation for Your Business

We can offer you to create a video for your business from selected photos, texts and videos
that you choose. We will put this video on your balipages listing, additionally it will be also published on Youtube and can be found by Google!
The price for one video is 500.000 rupiah

Animated Photo Scroller - brush up Your Listing

Put an animated rolling band with up to 25 photos on the top or bottom
of your  listing to show your visitors more of your business and receive
a higher attention rate!
The price is 250.000 rupiah

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please have a look at Advertise with Us to find out more about our standard and premium listings.

indopages!biz aims to be the complete online directory of businesses in Indonesia allowing its indonesian and international visitors to find easily and quickly what they are looking for - no matter if it is a spa, a restaurant, a construction specialist or a legal expert.

indopages!biz service is a combination of European IT craftsmanship and Indonesian business skills. With more than 25 years of expertise in the field of web and computer development, we want to bring our experience and knowledge to Indonesia to bring the businesses of Indonesia into the 21st century online world, enabling them to reach interested people everywhere in the world: tourists preparing for their visit to Indonesia, the technology-oriented new generation in Indonesia and also the expats living on the islands.

You want to enhance the number of visitors on your existing website by linking from indopages!biz or you want a permanent website on indopages!biz, here is the best, most affordable and highest quality service solution for you. With our short direct links (e.g. www.indopages.biz/balicasa) you already found the perfect web address for your business cards.